Our Menu:
For our meals we use the best produce only

Our cuisine is prepared with passion and love to detail. The straightforward creations of our kitchen team never cease to enthuse our guests. The impeccable quality of our produce is guaranteed by our personal contact with regional suppliers. The local fish from the lake of Zug play an important role in determining the variety of fish we offer. Our menu is composed of lovingly prepared dishes – according to season.

Our house specialty

Fresh regional products and innovative creations, prepared and served with loving care, awaits you in our familiary restaurant.

4-Course Surprise Menu
98 CHF

5-Course Surprise Menu
116 CHF

6-Course Surprise Menu
134 CHF

Cold and hot Starters

Leaf salad from the farm on balsamico vinaigrette
12.50 CHF

Leaf salad from the farm with wild mushrooms
24.00 CHF

Leaf salad from the farm with gratinated goat cheese
22.50 CHF

Leaf salad from the farm with black tigers and garden herbs
27.00 CHF

Burrata with marinated datterini tomatoes and basil
24.00 CHF

Melon cold peel with seafood
25.00 CHF

Tuna variation with olive oil "Vera Valle"
29.50 CHF

Liver from duck roasted crispy on celery with port wine sauce and sour cherries
30.50 CHF

Local fish from the lake Zug - the catch of the day
28.-- CHF

Summer salad with lake Zuger fish baked in beer-pastry
Starter 28.- CHF / Main 38.- CHF

Beef tatare
Starter (80 g) 26.50 CHF / Main ( 180 g) 45.- CHF

Main course meat

Sliced veal "Zürich style" with mushrooms and Rösti
48.- CHF

Saddle of veal with thyme juice
56.- CHF

Beef filet steak from the Lorenhof with crushed peppercorns
56.- CHF

Stroganoff (beef filet cubes) with pepperoni and paprika sauce
48.- CHF

Filet of beef "Rossini" style with roasted duck liver and truffle from Périgord
78.- CHF

Irish lamb chop "Pré Salé" with fresh herbs
54.- CHF

Fish and Crustaceans

Lake of Zug fish à la meunière, Zug-style or beer-battered.
We get our local fish from fishermen Theo Zimmermann (Walchwil) and Marcel Wismer (Buonas).

Perch or Char
48.- CHF

Lake whitefish
44.- CHF

Lake Pike
54.- CHF

Fish freshly prepared to your desire in two courses
64.- CHF

Fish freshly prepared to your desire in three courses
84.- CHF

All freshwater fish served as an appetizer
28.- CHF

Potpourri of fish from the lake Zug
56.- CHF

Spaghetti with Black-Tigers shrimps with Lobster-sauce
Starter 28.- CHF / Main 46.- CHF CHF

Langustinos from South Africa roasted in olive oil with fresh herbs
Starter 40.- CHF / Main 75.- CHF

Selected Wines

Our wine list offers even the most discerning connoisseurs a rich selection of chosen wines that harmonize perfectly with our delicious meals. Beat Bürli has a passionate interest in wines. His passion is especially dedicated to the noble vines from the Bordeaux region. Furthermore, our wine cellar offers a beautiful selection of both Swiss and various international wines. The wine list is continuously updated.